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Our services

Our team of highly dedicated and experienced veterinary surgeons and vet nurses are devoted to equine wellbeing. At Epona Equine Vets’ we provide a continuity of care, working with you to provide effective and high quality treatment, we build client relationships that support you.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • 24-hour emergency service provided by our own experienced and dedicated equine vets
  • Dentistry services
  • Equine passports and microchipping
  • Gait analysis
  • Horse Health Programme
  • Lameness investigations
  • Poor performance investigations
  • Reproductive assessments including prebreeding checks, AI and pregnancy diagnosis
  • Portable digital radiography
  • Portable ultrasound
  • Portable upper respiratory tract endoscopy
  • Pre-purchase examinations
  • Vaccinations, health Checks and other preventative healthcare packages
  • Prescriptions are available upon request which may be fulfilled by a third party pharmacy

All of our services are provided at your own yard at your convenience.

Costs of services

  • Standard visit fee – £63.00 – varies with mileage and can be shared between clients at same yard
  • Standard examination fee – £52.92
  • Vaccinations – Flu £49.50, Flu and Tetanus £49.50
  • Equine dental work including sedation if required £87.32
  • Routine hoof balance X-rays for farrier assistance £138.26

Estimates can be provided for all other situations and when investigation / treatment options are discussed.

All of these costs are reduced by 10% with membership of our Horse Health Programme with routine services included with the yearly fee of £155.88 or £13.99 per month.

We are happy to arrange referrals where appropriate and will always support clients’ requests for second opinions if necessary.

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